September 15, 2016

“Only thing that has been able to heal my skin! Feels wonderful on and works overnight! This product has been a miracle for me! Has worked when many other “all natural” products have given me reactions.”


A. GoralOntario, Canada

“Thentix (Muscle & Joint Formula) is the only product that stops the pain I have from nerve damage caused by shingles. It also gives me relief from leg and foot pain.”

R. ManningAlberta, Canada

“An absolutely phenomenal product. We bought A Touch of Honey Muscle & Joint – incredible. My husband is a carpenter – it is the ONLY thing that has offered his knees, back & hands relief when they ache. Excellent customer service & product knowledge. Many benefits to these products.”

T. ValvanoOntario, Canada

“Best cream I have ever used! I only wish I had of discovered this amazing cream years ago!”

D. MacIntyreNova Scotia, Canada

“Only thing that has been able to heal my skin! Feels wonderful on and works overnight! product has been a miracle for me! Has worked when many other “all natural” products have given me reactions.”

Andrea GoralOntario, Canada

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am contacting you to offer input for individuals considering your product “THENTIX – Muscle & Joint ” lotion.

I have had lower back pain on numerous occasions. A good friend, knowing I was again having lower back pain, gave me a bottle of your Muscle & Joint lotion to try. I have tried many remedies to try to relieve my lower back aches & pains. I find your product to be very effective in giving me relief. I apply your product before retiring at night & the next morning, the lower back aches were gone.

I have also recently joined a gym & am using the same lotion for relief of aches in my shoulders in muscles I have awakened after their long rest!


Dean McFadyen

Ontario, Canada


Dean McFadyenOntario, Canada

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I would like to tell you about my experiences with the Thentix product’s. I had a cold a few weeks ago and I used the skin conditioner on my face and around my nose as it was red and sore from tissues.  I was so thamkful for the cream as it made my face feel hydrated.   I have Rosaha and find the skin conditioner on my nose and cheeks helps reduces the red puffy look.  I tried the Body scrub on my feet and hands followed by the skin conditioner and feel like I just left the spa. Now that the cool weather is coming I love the lip cream.  I have nothing but positive to say about this product and wanted to share it with you.

D. Gerono

Ontario, Canada

Sore Noses, Rosacea and more ...

I just wanted to tell you what happened to me & how thentix worked. Two weeks ago today I was on vacation camping, & had just boiI ed a kettle of water. Somehow I managed to pour quite a bit of the boiling water over my wrist.  I immediately ran cold water over it, but I knew I was in trouble.  We were in the middle of nowhere, but my son Mark, had a jar of your Thentix.  He said, mom you have to try this.  It might be really good for the burn.  I took it, & put some on, & I have to say, within about fifteen minutes the pain was very manageable.  Throughout the day, I kept putting a thin layer of the cream on the burn, & was amazed that there was no water blister  appearing.  The area that was scalded was about three inches long & 2 inches wide, so quite a significant size burn.  After the first hour, there was no pain at all. I still expected to wake up in the morning with a big blister hanging from my wrist, but there was none. I did not even have to bandage the burn.  After a week & a half, I noticed that there seemed to be several teeny water blisters appearing, but they did not break open. When I looked at it again in the morning the blisters had opened, & the skin underneath was intact with just a bit of redness. Still no open wound, or scabbing.  Today, it just looks like I had just gotten a little sunburn on my wrist.  It looks like the burn totally healed from the inside out. I will make sure that I take a jar of this in my aid kit on every camping trip we take.  I wanted you to know how well your product worked for potentially a very serious burn.   Thank you….

S. AndersonOntario, Canada

“I had to write because I had infected eczema on my feet for almost 10 years. I had tried every cream and lotion on the market, as well as tarry prescription concoctions, and nothing has EVER made a significant difference. Until January when I bought Thentix cream at a trade show. I figured I would add it to my list of tried-but-didn’t-work creams. WRONG. My eczema is completely gone! I have not changed anything about my lifestyle or diet. I noticed an improvement within a few days, and after 4 months of use it’s completely gone. Thank you!!!!”

R. DraperOntario, Canada

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“Derm and I totally believe in your product.”



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